PureRegen® Gel SINUS

PureRegen Gel SINUS

PureRegen is supplied sterile, pre-mixed in a syringe with sterile delivery cannula

PureRegen® Gel SINUS Advanced dressing material for post FESS surgery patient treatment.


PureRegen® Gel SINUS is a self-crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel dressing.  With a viscous and controlled degradation profile, PureRegen is balanced to match the critical nasal and sinus tissue regeneration period.

PureRegen has proven efficacy to prevent adhesions and facilitate mucociliary regeneration with a controlled degradation profile. The degradation profile and process is designed to match the critical tissue repair period, especially the inflammatory processes following surgery.  The result is a nasal gel dressing that provides an effective barrier between the mucosal surfaces and prevent adhesions.  The complete dissolution of PureRegen® Gel SINUS eliminates the need for the painful removal of traditional packing materials and removes the risk of causing secondary damage to the fresh mucosa.

PureRegen is supplied as a pre-mixed gel in a sterile packed syringe with a flexible delivery cannula.  The rubber stopper cap is simply removed from the syringe and the sterile packed delivery cannula is attached with a standard twist-lock mechanism.  The gel is therefore easy to apply following the surgical process for an efficient treatment application.



A summary of the unique features and benefits of PureRegen® Gel SINUS include:

PureRegen Gel SINUS

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  • Proprietary self-cross-linking technique: no toxic residual and xenogeneic proteins, excellent biocompatibility.
  • Gentle material modification method: preserved biological function of natural hyaluronan.
  • Specific viscosity and hydrophilic property: creates a moist environment facilitating re-mucosalisation and improving patient comfort.
  • PureRegen® Gel SINUS has a controlled degradation profile creating a physical barrier during the critical tissue regeneration period.
  • Prevention of adhesions and scarring following surgery optimise the healing process for the patient for an improved treatment outcome.
  • The controlled degradation profile therefore avoids the need for any removal of the gel dressing and avoids the risk of causing secondary damage to the newly regenerated nasal and sinus tissue surfaces.
  • Once inserted,  PureRegen® gently expands (up to 50% expansion).  As a result, the gel conforms to the nasal cavity without leaving dead space and supports tissue structures.
  • Minimises bleeding and edema.


If you would like to discuss your interest in PureRegen in more detail and discuss your interest in a product evaluation, please get in touch.  We look forward to supporting you with your enquiry.