Nebuliser for Nasal Drug Delivery (NasoNeb®)

NasoNeb Particle SprayNasoNeb® – A unique nebuliser designed specifically for drug delivery the nasal and sinus passages.

Until the development of the NasoNeb®, people who require delivery of drugs to the nasal and sinus passages have had to rely on the use of a standard nebuliser.

The NasoNeb® is uniquely designed and optimises the delivery of medication to the nasal and sinus passages.  NasoNeb® combines the correct particle size, airflow and fluid volume to ensure your medication is effective and reaches the areas of your nasal/ sinus passages (muses membranes) without the risk of entering other parts of your respiratory system.

Using NasoNeb is simplePatient using NasoNeb

The NasoNeb® Nasal Nebuliser typically takes under 1 minute to deliver your prescribed medication.

1. Fill the Nasal Nebuliser cup with the medication as directed by your physician. Tilt your head slightly downward
while positioning the nozzles just inside your nostrils.

2. Breathe through both your nose and mouth and turn the compressor on.

3. Two plumes of medication will enter your nasal cavity; you may feel a flow of air coming back out of your mouth. Turn the compressor off when the main canister is empty.