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The Forbury Clinic enhance LPR diagnostic services with new Restech pH Monitor systems

The Forbury Clinic are a group of dedicated surgeons and medical professionals who aim to provide the highest standards of care and treatment from the comfortable and spacious surroundings of their two Reading based clinics.

Providing consulting, diagnostic and treatment over a variety of specialty areas of medicine and surgery, GDS were delighted to begin working with the consultant team to support the addition of the Restech pH monitoring systems to enhance their LPR diagnostics.

Restech pH measurement revolutionises pH testing with patented technology uniquely capable of sensing and recording both aerosolised and liquid pH levels, allowing for a less invasive diagnostic process and significantly improved comfort for patients suffering from reflux symptoms.  Restech represents a breakthrough in technology to measure the full spectrum of acid and alkali in either the oesophagus or the airway.  Restech can rule in or rule out acid reflux and eliminate the need for empiric trials when assessing and diagnosing patients.

Tom RourkeLeading the integration of the Restech systems at Forbury, Consultant ENT Surgeon Tom Rourke commented on the inclusion of the new pH monitoring capability;

“We are continually looking to improve our diagnostic and treatment capabilities by including the latest medical innovations at our Berkshire clinics.  Our decision to add Restech pH measurement systems to our diagnostic services was driven by our continued commitment to develop the most effective treatment pathway for our patients suffering from suspected reflux.

The addition of Restech pH monitoring diagnostics to both our clinics gives our patients access to a simple, accurate and reliable reflux diagnosis using a minimally invasive probe which causes little or no disruption to their daily work or leisure activities.  Restech has enhanced the overall diagnostic and treatment pathway for people looking to us for help and support in resolving what is a continually life effecting condition.

Our two Berkshire based clinics are centres of excellence with a strong and highly experienced team of consultants, specialist nurses, healthcare professionals and administrators.  It is our aim to provide excellent care and support from the very start”

To find out more about the Forbury Clinic and the new Restech treatment available, contact The ENT Consultancy who will be delighted to support your enquiry:


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New KOS treatment at ‘The Nose Clinic’ in Guildford and London

We were delighted to begin our UK representation of Chordate Medical in May this year and begin the process of raising awareness in both the clinical and patient community to what is a new and exciting treatment technology for patients suffering from non-allergic rhinitis.  The addition of the KOS system (Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation) to our portfolio exemplifies our continued commitment to work with new and innovative medical technologies enabling the development of treatment options for patients through clinically efficacious treatment technology.

In the summer of 2016, we were delighted to begin working with leading Consultant Otolaryngologist / Nasal Plastic Surgeon Mr. Julian Rowe-Jones, founder of The Nose Clinic
in London and Guildford.  The Nose Clinic is recognised as a key centre in England, working
to improve the lives of patients with a spectrum of nasal conditions and disorders.

Julian Rowe-Jone, Consultant Otolaryngologist/ Nasal Plastic Surgeon, founder of The Nose Clinic

Julian Rowe-Jones, Consultant Otolaryngologist/ Nasal Plastic Surgeon, founder of The Nose Clinic

Internationally recognised for his skill and expertise, Mr. Rowe-Jones comments on the inclusion of KOS as a treatment option at The Nose Clinic;

The team at The Nose Clinic are committed to the furtherance of excellence in ENT/ Facial Plastics, believing that patients should always have access to the best techniques and treatments possible.  The addition of ‘Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation’ to our treatment options will help continue our work to improve the lives of our patients who suffer from non-allergic rhinitis using the latest treatment technology”.

For further details on the KOS treatment at The Nose Clinic, visit

We would be delighted to discuss your interest in the KOS system in more detail should you wish to include this treatment option within your clinic or practice.  Contact us for further information and to arrange an evaluation.

If you are a patient suffering from non-allergic rhinitis and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us for further information or locate your nearest clinic by downloading the KOS clinic list.


The All New REZA BAND®: A Device to Treat Acid Reflux in the Throat and Lungs (6.5.15)

GDS - About UsWith an expanding range of technologies, we are delighted to confirm GDS have secured the distribution rights to the new REZA BAND® from Somna Therapeutics here in the UK.  In line with the new product availability, we are also pleased to be able to make this product available to purchase within our new online purchasing facility.

The REZA BAND® was created to improve the quality of life for millions of patients suffering from Acid Reflux into the throat and lungs. It is revolutionary in that it is a mechanical treatment that avoids the potential side effects of pharmaceutical treatments or the heavily invasive nature of surgery. It is also, uniquely, a completely reversible treatment. The REZA BAND® is an externally worn device that applies a slight pressure to the cricoid cartilage. In so doing, the REZA BAND® generates an adequate intraluminal UES pressure within the otherwise
leaky sphincter. This prevents reflux from stomach contents from entering the upper airway and throat.

This product is now also available to purchase from our REZA BAND® order page.