Night Shift™

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Intelligent, Interactive Monitoring

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Night Shift™ – a small and simple device, worn during sleep, positioned on back of the neck

The Night Shift™ system uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. Supine feedback is initiated only after the patient falls asleep; the frequency and intensity of feedback adapts to meet the requirements of each user.

Web-based reports provide compliance information associated with changes in sleep position efficiency and snoring. The low-profile enclosure and quick-release magnetic buckle enclosed in a soft silicone neck strap provides a comfortable, safe and secure resulting in high levels of patient compliance.

The Night Shift™ provides a cost effective , simple solution, to treat the mild to moderate supine apnea and snorers.

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Vibro-tactile positional therapy

Vibro-tactile positional therapy The Night Shift™ - simple to use and comfortable to wear.

Vibro-tactile positional therapy
The Night Shift™ – simple to use and comfortable to wear.

The Night Shift™ is a clinically proven solution for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA) and snorers.  Worn on the back of the neck, Night Shift™ begins to vibrate when the users start to back-sleep. The vibration slowly  increases in intensity until the user changes positions.


Effective and clinically proven

– 90% of POSA participants responded to Night Shift™ therapy
– The median AHI reduction was 79%
– Participants had significantly less sleep fragmentation and hypoxemia
– Participants reported they slept more deeply
– Majority of participants experienced reduced daytime sleepiness and depression symptoms
– Across participants, the percent of time snoring above 50 dB was significantly reduced


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