GDS MedTech specialise in the provision of proven diagnostic and treatment innovations for the spectrum of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD), from Snoring to Sleep Apnea. 

In addition, GDS now offer products for diagnosis and treatment of Acid Reflux, a significant cause of daytime discomfort and disturbed sleep.

Following the momentum gained in 2016, new products including the Restech pH Monitor, REZA BAND UES Assist Device and Chordate ‘KOS Therapy’ have continued to gain traction in 2017 with the commencement of services in clinics and research facilities around the United Kingdom.

Our continued commitment to offer the latest global product technologies will continue to gain us a market leading reputation and close working relationships with clinicians and patients around the country.

Product Focus: (new) NasoNeb® Optimal Intranasal Drug Delivery System. 

Until the development of the NasoNeb® system, people who require delivery of drugs to the nasal and sinus areas have had to rely on the use of a standard nebuliser.

NasoNeb® is uniquely designed and optimises the delivery of medication to the nasal and sinus mucosa.  NasoNeb® combines the correct particle size, airflow and fluid volume to ensure prescribed medication is effective, reaching only the nasal and sinus areas without the risk of reaching other parts of your respiratory system.

If you are a clinician looking to recommend the NasoNeb® to your patients – click here to read supporting clinical information.  If you are a patient who has been advised a NasoNeb® could help you click here to understand how it works and how to obtain a device.

NasoNeb® is available to order – click here to order your system today. 




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