Reflux Band™ – UES Assist Device

Reflux BandReflux Band™ – No medication, no surgery, simply no more reflux.

Reflux Band could give your patient relief from LPR and may be the treatment answer they are looking for.

Your patient has tried sleeping upright. You’ve prescribed different medications. You’ve even discussed the option of surgery. But before you put your patient through a surgical procedure, have him or her try the Reflux Band.

A simple band that applies slight pressure on the UES can make all the difference. It’s comfortable, it’s effective and, most importantly, it’s not invasive.

Read the clinical studies and have your patients rate their symptoms. As it has been for so many other LPR sufferers, the Reflux Band could be their solution to finally finding relief.

Patients who suffer from laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) may want to discuss the Reflux Band with you. We recommend patients rate their symptoms to see if the Reflux Band is right for them.

We have a selection of resources available detailing the Reflux Band, its applications and clinical effectiveness.  Select from the following headings to view the ‘see inside’ PDF brochure.



‘See Inside’ the Reflux Band Clinical Study Overview PDF