Knightsbridge Chin Strap

The most effective and comfortable anti-snoring chin strap on the market.

The innovative Dual Band Chin Strap minimizes traditional chinstrap tension while still delivering a supportive fit, it is designed to provide unrivaled comfort. Using two bands that sit below your jaw, the Dual Band Chin Strap gives the perfect amount of vertical lift, for a more restful night. The dual band design gives you the hold you’re looking for without the traditional chin strap discomfort.


  • Vertical lift works with natural rotation of the jaw
  • Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering
  • Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force
  • Compound elastic-non elastic force allows pressure to be minimized.
  • Comfortably and effectively stops or reduces snoring and CPAP mouth leaks



Price: £27.50

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