Knightsbridge Chin Strap

Breathable Three-Layer Open-Net Mesh

The cap of the Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap is made of three-layers of open-net mesh so it is light and breathable, yet durable.

The Knightsbridge Dual Band uses 6 materials plus Velcro and is an assembly of 22 different pieces.

All six materials and the full cap design are necessary to provide the vertical lift and compound elastic-non elastic pressure functionalities and also be comfortable.

The elastic and non-elastic straps produce a compound force curve that allows the pressure to be minimized.

For the cap to be durable yet also light and breathable, it has the three-layer net-mesh construction.

Since a full cap is required to balance the vertical forces at the front, and because it needs to fit heads of various sizes and shapes, the cap is constructed of three panels and has a rear size-adjustment strap.

Because the cap and a portion of the Velcro (which is a somewhat stiff material) covers the ears, there is an interior soft grey felt lining to make that comfortable.

And to provide comfort for wear over months or years, the entire perimeter of the cap is also lined.

Dual Bands

The Knightsbridge has a revolutionary dual-band design. The non-elastic blue band prevents the jaw from lowering. The elastic (white or black) band provides a gentle upwards force.

This graph shows why the compound elastic-non elastic force is so comfortable. The force produced by the steep vertical dashed line keeps your jaw elevated in the comfortable, low-force yellow zone.

Vertical Lift


The bands pass under the jaw and attach to the Velcro patch near the temples, thereby providing a vertical force. Vertical force works with the natural rotation of the jaw.

Revolutionary Patent-Pending Design

Either of these features alone (dual bands or vertical lift) would produce a chin strap superior to any other.  The combination of these two innovations provides far-and-away the most effective and comfortable chin strap on the market.



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