Apnea Guard

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Apnea Guard® Trial Oral Appliance

Apnea Guard® is a temporary oral appliance that provides outcomes equivalent to a custom appliance for obstructive sleep apnea treatment. It is fitted with the assistance of any trained healthcare staff in less than 15 minutes and worn for up to 30 nights. The Apnea Guard® allows easy determination of an efficacious jaw position that can be prescribed and transferred to the custom appliance, similar to establishing a pressure setting for CPAP.



Apnea Guard® – Sleep Medicine Protocol

The Apnea Guard® Protocols educate both dental and non-dental staff on various aspects of oral appliance therapy. The Protocols provide information used to determine when a patient can fit themselves with assistance of non-dental staff, or when they have a pre-existing condition that requires fitting by a dentist. Tools are provided to help distinguish between expected side effects and complications which may require a consultation.  Click here to download the Apnea Guard® Sleep Medicine Protocol PDF

Apnea Guard® – Key Features:

  • 1 mm incremental advancements across full range of protrusive settingsApnea-Guard (No Background)
  • Three vertical sizes proven to improve outcomes in men and women
  • Accommodates full range of arch widths
  • Systematic approach for selecting optimized advancement


Apnea Guard® -Key Benefits:

  • Inexpensive approach to determine who will respond to oral appliance therapy
  • Provides immediate therapeutic benefit
  • Improves outcome consistency across dental providers
  • Scalable solution for management of post-surgical OSA complications