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AlaxoLito (insertion diagram)New technique for the treatment of decreased nasal breathing

The AlaxoLito Nasal Stent is a medical device for treatment of decreased nasal breathing as well as resulting snoring. Causes can be nasal alar collapse, nasal valve collapse or turbinate hyperplasia.  There are two different product variants which splint either the anterior nasal cavity only [AlaxoLito Nasal Stent] or the full length nasal passage [AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent].


use during sleep or sporting activities

The smooth stent braid is made from the memory metal nitinol. It has a ball-shaped widening which is positioned at the nasal valve and a cylindrical longer section which splints the turbinates. The AlaxoLito (top in photo) and the AlaxoLito PLUS (insertion diagram)AlaxoLito Plus, resp. (bottom in photo, see Fig. 2), is self-applied to the nose by the patient, usually for the period of sleep or e.g. during sports activities.

Testing of the AlaxoLito during sport reproducibly resulted in a strongly enhanced condition.  Application during endurance sports may lead to enhanced performance of the sportsperson due to improved nasal breathing. Nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing increases the blood oxygen content by 10-15%, stimulating the parasympathetic nerve system.

For further details on the features and benefits of the AlaxoLito and AlaxoLito PLUS, click here to visit the Alaxo website.